New colour menu……coming soon!!


It has been a while since I blogged……..sorry!!!

The salon has been so busy and completing the Wella Master Colour Program took up a lot of my spare time, honestly wouldn’t change it for the world though!!

So on the 26th February 2015 I became a Master Colour Expert, I’ll never forget the day as it was my twin daughters 11th birthday!!  Final exam day and I’d been up since stupid o’clock arranging balloons and banners, I’d literally just finished when they flew down the stairs nearly knocking me over in their newly 11 year old excitement!!

I arrived at the London Wella Studio a few hours later feeling less than ready for my day, this was the final day of 5 months work, of intense learning, huge self development, a written exam and a practical exam!! I felt like I was at school again, excited and nervous all at the same time and it all hinged on and hour and a half in the studio to finish off!

The utter relief when we were told that we’d all passed and when they handed us our final grades, to have got over 90% was just so amazing, I remember crying a little, smiling a lot, going to the pub, smiling a lot more but the journey home was the best………I was a Master Colour Expert!!!!!!!!!

Now it was time to take everything I’d learnt back into the salon, to share with my colleagues and my clients!  So keep your eyes open…….my graduation is at the end of June and after that there will be a sexy new colour menu in the salon……what might you choose??


M x






Loving life as an MCE!!

Newly qualified MCE'S

Newly qualified MCE’S

Hello 2013

So it’s been a while since I have had chance to share………the salon has been so busy, home has been manic and so very much has happened!!

We made it to the ripe old age of 10!  10 years of my dream being a living breathing reality………..I thanked a lot of people for their support and pinched myself that it had really happened.  I looked back and realised that I had learnt a lot, but knew that lessons learn the easy or hard way are now part of me and for that I am glad and looking forward to the next 10 years!!

Where to start…………well Illumina our new colour product from Wella has to be my product of 2012 and probably 2013, if it is possible to be in love with an inanimate object them I am!  I have created some of my very best colours with Illumina, I enjoy colouring and always have done; to have someone explain an ideal to you of how they would like to look and for me to be able to interpret that idea and make it a reality is amazing.  I have the power to make someones life completely different, I can give them confidence, inner strength and change their whole day, week or even month!  I now have an extra power……….I can take their idea and make the result even better than they imagined.

Now I can honestly say that it does not suit everyone, but out of all of my clients there are only 2 who asked to return to their original colour product but those who have stayed with it are still amazed nearly 5 months on!  Illumina has the ability to change the whole feel of the hair, the shine is amazing and it lasts past the first week, the tone stays true with minimal fade and regrowth seems to be hardly noticeable.  This all seems to be down to the Microlight technology which manages to manipulate light and showcase the colour.  I am so very proud of the colours that I have produced from straight from book or those that I have individualised for clients  and what I love most is the feedback from clients………..some have had their hair colour noticed for the the first time ever!!

So what else has been happening at Michelle’s…………we have ourselves a new apprentice, Lucy!  She has been with us for a few months full time after serving her time as a Saturday girl, the rubbish jobs during didn’t seem to put her off in the least and she is just about to start the hard part!  Her first hairdressing assessment is next week and I am pleased to say that she seems very calm about it all…………..maybe 5 minutes before we may see some nerves!!!!  Kelly is nearly at the end of her Level 3 qualification and is on the lookout for some models who will be brave enough for a complete re- style……..they seem to be a bit thin on the ground!  A full advertising attack force has been set into action in the hope we can find a few brave people.

Today our lovely Wella rep left me a new product to play with…………..Wella Oil Reflections!  Now I had seen this on the web and in trade press and as is my natural predisposition was very intrigued, so when a bottle appeared from that magical bag that all rep possess a warm fuzzy feeling started!  I managed to contain myself long enough to seem polite, listened to the rep and then finally she handed it over…….also to my utter joy saying those magical words ‘You can keep that bottle, have a play, see what you think?’  Now to someone who has been in this industry as long as I have you will know that this is a rare occurrence in recent years!  Reps are usually issued with a few products that they are only prepared to share with you for as long as you supply them with coffee and if you happen to be on their route at the end of the month, you are left with the dregs of a bottle/can/tube that has been manhandled to within a inch of it’s life, the spray/pump has usually broken or they have just plain run out!!!  SO to have a whole new shiny bottle to play with also eliminated the need to grab all members of staff whatever they were doing and start to scrunch/spray/rub product onto them whether it’s suitable or not!!!

I felt confident and still a little fuzzy later in the day when I had the time to use Oil Reflections on my own hair in my own time and I have to say I do have a little bit of a crush, which by tomorrow if my hair still feels this lush might turn into an infatuation!  Why do I like it so much?  Well…………..we have all used oils or had oils used on us, all tried to pick up a brush or our hairdryer after without washing our hands and promptly realised our mistake!  This is because the concentrate of these products in so condensed and rich that all surfaces are coated and need a good wash…………that is also what happens to our hair.  Unless you have a head of hair that is thick enough to absorb this type of oil then you are left with super shiny limp hair, not the most attractive result!  I know this as having naturally limp, fine hair I have to avoid product like this or risk looking somewhat deflated and rather insipid!  Oil Reflections is lighter, much lighter!  I applied it to my hair when wet and continued to dry as normal and wow………..I had shiny hair that also had volume, unknown and quite a shock for my hair in an oil induced state!  I am writing this about 12 hrs after application and my hair is still in the same state, hence my crush!  If it still feels the same in the morning it will officially be infatuation.

The blend of Macadamia Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E which is known for it’s natural antioxidant properties allows beautiful reflections in the hair.  It has lightweight oil technology that conditions the hair and smooths it.  It can be used on wet or dry hair, leaves hair up to 86% more reflective, the Vitamin E forms a protective barrier around the hair, neutralising free radicals and protecting against damage.

I thinks that’s it for now, my New Year resolution is to blog regularly……………it may save my poor family having to listen to me rattle on!!


Michelle X

P.S.   While writing this my dog reminded me that I had not walked him yet so I took a little wander with him and decided that infatuation with Oil Reflections can begin this evening as my hair has resisted the delightful British weather and still looks lush!! x

ILLUMINA by Wella ‘More than just a colour – it’s a wonder of light.’

Huge excitment this week with the launch of Wella’s new colour ILLUMINA.  We have seen the pictures, read the product info and seen the new shades ………… all we want to do is play with it!!!

So what makes ILLUMINA so fabulous I hear you ask?  All I can do is share what I know so far………when we have had a play I can teel you more….

  • Superior hair protection
  • Up to 70% more light reflection
  • Up to 100% grey/white coverage with a sheer result
  • Sheer colour that’s luminous in every light

ILLUMINA has a parented MICROLIGHT technology which protects the cuticles of the hair ensuring they maintain their clarity.  This allows light to pass through, illuminating natural highs and lows from within in any light.  From the images that I have seen where ILLUMINA has been used the hair looks amazing, it has a shine that just radiates out from the image, you can always tell when products have been used to create shine and there is no evidence of this! As soon as we have ILLUMINA and have used it we’ll show you!

Michelle’s also has a LADIES EVENING coming up on the 19th July from 7.30pm, if you havn’t come along to one of these before then you dont know what you’re missing!!!!  For this event we have The Blue Butterfly, with beautiful affordable jewellery and hair accessories, it will be the first time The Blue Butterfly has been to an event in the salon and we are very ecxcited to have them here.  The jewellery is beautiful and unlike anything I have seen in a long time, so take a look at the web site and start choosing  at

In addition we have Beutilicious by Holly who specialises in THE most beautiful eylash extensions, Holly also provides tinting for lashes and brows, Flash Lashes for high impact but minimal commitment but her full sets of lash extensions are truly a thing of wonder and amazement!  I love them more than cake!!!  They are so easy yo wear and maintain between appointments that you will honestly forget that you didn’t grow them yourself!!  Check out Holly’s web site for more info for LADIES NIGHT she will be available for lash and brow tinting but lashes will need to be booked in advance or on the night.

BeadzInspired will also be here with their full renge of memory wire bracelets, these are just beautiful!  the range contains beaded bracelets in a variety of sizes and colours and a collection of crystal and gem stone bracelets.  The full range is varied and no two bracelets are the same but BeadzInspired will also make bespoke items on request, whats not to love?

Hand Bags & Heels are the final exhibitors, with a selection of items being guess what?  Thats right Hand Bags and Heels, I’ve not seen what will be on display for the night yet but if it’s anything like I’ve seen previously then you won’t be dissapointed!

As I am writing this we are waiting excitedly for our delivery of ILLUMINA and I’m also thinking that the delivery man may very well get squashed in the

Feathers, Nioxin, and the loss of a legend!

I know in the title I listed it last but I feel I need to mention it first!  The tragic loss of Vidal Sassoon.  This was a man who had the drive and the vision to change all the rules in hairdressing, he came into the industry and after a few changes of location he found his passion, absorbing everything that was there to be absorbed.  He worked late practicing the same styles over and over again until he felt they were right but still feeling that he could do more!  How glad are we all that he did do more………….he revolutionised hairdressing, without him we would not have the styles we do today.  He cut hair to suit a clients bone structure,  face shape and hair growth, each style became individual.  If not for Vidal we might all still be wearing the same style whether it suited us or not, have our hair back combed to hell or fried with a frizzy perm and finished off with enough hairspray to create a personal crash helmet!  He understood the determination that is needed to turn dream into reality, he inspired more than just one generation and argued with clients!  When I say argued with clients I mean if they booked in with him he took it that they had put their trust in him to ensure a perfect style and should they start to wobble or tell him how they always had their hair he would firmly tell them that he would be doing it differently!!  He cut a style for them that looked the same wet as it did dry, this was unheard of ,too new for some to cope with!  My favourite anecdote is when a client complained that he had hardly spoken to her during her visit to the salon, he asked he if she would like conversation or an amazing haircut………..that told her!  Also I love that in times of frustration when a new style would just not develop itself, it was not unheard of for him to throw his tools in the air and storm out of the salon leaving scissors embedded in the ceiling……how brilliantly eccentric 🙂 Our thought go out to his family and as an industry we will miss him greatly but are grateful for his immense contribution.

So…………our new Awesome Feathers arrived in the salon and we love them!  They took all of 2 minutes to place and fix into the hair and having changed my mind on where I wanted mine placed I can also confirm that they take all of 2 minutes to remove too!  Awesome Feathers are just well, awesome…… can blow dry them with your hair as normal, tong them, wand them and straighten them…..we know this because we have tried every type of heat available to us in the salon and have been unable to destroy them, they look just as great as when they arrived.  They are available in salon now, £8 for a single feather with deals on multiple application on singles and £15 for a single application of multiple feathers, these are keratin sealed and are of various lengths.  Come in and see the full range.

Last week I attended a training day for Nioxin our fantastic new ranges of product that guarantee thicker , fuller-looking hair in 30 days.  I fact I am now the salon expert, with a certificate to prove it too!  Many products currently available are either drug-based or serve to camouflage the condition of thinning hair.  Nioxins holistic approach to thinning hair is very different, it doesn’t aim to regrow hair or camouflage the issue.  Nioxin’s innovative skincare-inspired technology delivers thicker fuller looking hair.  Thinning hair is due to 3 main reasons,1) Fewer hair strands,2) Finer hair strands, 3) Unhealthy scalp environment for hair to grow from…………whatever the reason underlying you hair thinning, Nioxin has the expertise to address the issue with an individually tailored treatment.

Nioxin has found inspiration in skincare to supply advanced treatment for thinning hair.  As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and care, and this range of products is designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from it’s foundation.  Because scalp health delivers hair with a thicker, fuller appearance in 5 effects

  • Reduction of hair loss due to breakage
  • Delivery of fuller-looking hair
  • Amplification of hair texture
  • Strengthening resilience of hair against damage
  • Removal of follicle-clogging sebum from the scalp

This is all done with a very simple 3 part system and I can honestly say I have been using this since the middle of January this year and have found it the most simple regime to follow with the most amazing results!  It really does do everything it promises, with a range for all types of hair even my slightly over-processed hairdresser hair is in the best condition ever.  I made the decision at some stage last year to try to grow my hair, anyone who knows me well knows that every couple of years I do this and promptly give up after a few months, mainly due to boredom and secondly due to my silly,fine, and  baby like hair drives me mad!  But with Nioxin I am growing and loving my hair……… I only have boredom to contend with as my hair really isn’t the problem anymore!  If you think you would benefit from any of the aspects of this product or have concerns about your hair then please come into the salon and we can provide a full consultation and plan to resolve it.

Michelle xx


What’s new in the Salon for Spring/Summer?

I am loving lush, free flowing colour, feathers, delicious conditioning treatments and Nioxin!

By this I mean moving away from conventional colour techniques and adding an individual twist to every colour service.  This allows clients to walk out the salon door with a unique colour personalised just for them!

The Balayage technique is one of my favourites, I love this colouring process, it allows me to create a colour that will complement my clients face shape, eye colour and hair cut to perfection!  Every Time I use this techniques I am able to produce a unique colour and I love the creativity it afford me.  Foil colouring is also exciting but Balayage lets me immerse myself in the colouring process.  Dip dyeing is hugely popular at the moment and this is just a softer more grown up version of it, instead of just colouring the ends of the hair, I can colour as much or as little as I like.  A beautiful sun-kissed cascade of colour can be created around the face flattering every face shape, from  clean clear blonde’s to honey and caramel shades!

Talking of Dip Dyeing, how would you like the opportunity to Dip Dye pink, orange or purple………go out for the evening rocking the look…………then wash it straight out for work the very next morning?  Well with Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug’s you can, this ingenious product is basically eye shadow for hair!  With Color Bug you are able to layer up the depth of colour for one night or as long as you want!  I love it, I’ve coloured my hair before with a permanent product and then changed my mind on the shade in a week, with these I can change it with my mood, my outfit or my inspiration!  These are in stock now for £12.95.

I am counting the hours until our very new and very exciting hair accessories arrive this week………….Awesome Feathers!!  Feathers that can be placed and secured in the hair within minutes, with care will last for as long as you want to wear them and can be heat styled.  They come in different lengths, colours and look stunning especially if you feel that dip dye or block flashes of colour are not for you.  Less is more with this look, choose a colour that compliments your hair or that shouts ‘How fabulous do I look?’, wear single feathers or delicately fused shades and lengths of up to min of 5 feathers! These will be available in salon and can be attached without damage to the hair from £8.00.

I am off for more training on our new wonder product Nioxin, I have a days training which will allow me, on completion to become the salon Nioxin Specialist!!

Before I forget …………Prom season is nearly upon us! So don’t forget to book in your trial hair up and your all important appointment for the big night.  We always advise that after the trial appointment ,you go home and try your dress on.  By doing this you can make sure that you are 110% happy with the whole look, get someone to take pictures from all angles so that you can really feel confident that everything works together.  If you still feel that you really don’t know how to wear your hair then come in and talk to us, bring in an image of your dress and the accessories you’d like to wear and we will produce a unique style.  For this service we charge from £45, this includes a consultation, trial and the final style…………book soon!!

Michelle xx





An advanced skincare approach to hair

NIOXIN has found inspiration in skincare to supply advanced treatment for thinning hair.

As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and care, and the ranges of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and treat hair from its foundation.

Because the scalp creates hair healththis delivers hair with a thicker, fuller appearance. 

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New Kerastraight

The Permanent Blow Dry for Salon Perfect Hair …. Everyday!!

Quickly recognised as a ‘must have’ treatment for any frizz free fashionista, the launch of Kerastraight, the latest advance in Brazilian Keratin Treatments.

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